How to Find Powerful Expired Domains and Buy Them for Cheap (2022) – Simple Steps to Instant Traffic and Faster Ranking for Your Website

Every higher authority expired domain existed at one point as a whole website. Many of them come with massive backlink profiles, higher Google ranking, and existing targeted traffic. These are the domains that have been abandoned and are ready for you to grab.

And you can buy them at the normal registration price of $5 to $12.

Here is one way you can make good money from powerful expired domains.

Many people find great expired domains, they buy them for $10 or less and go to,,, or other domains and websites flipping websites and sell them for thousands of dollars.

In this tutorial you will learn how to find expired domains that you can sell for massive profit for just a few hours of work.

Another way you can make money from powerful expired domains is by making use of their existing search engine ranking and traffic.

Here is a faster way to get higher Google ranking and more traffic:

  • Start your blog with a higher authority expired domain;
  • Add content to a few higher authority expired domains and include backlinks pointing to your existing blog or website.
  • Or, add 301 redirects that point to your blog.

And the best part? You will buy a higher authority expired domain at the same price as a new domain.

This is a smarter way to build an authority site from day-one or start a powerful private blog network to get quicker SEO results for your existing website.

Let explain the 3 major ways you can use these domains and take full advantage of their existing traffic.

Build authority sites

Typically, there is no need to start an authority site or a niche blog on a new domain; it takes just too long before you see enough traffic to make money.

Just register an expired domain that already has targeted traffic and build a website on it.

With a higher authority expired domain, you can expect to rank a blog post within 4 weeks, easily.

Build a private blog network

Essentially, instead of begging for guest posts, which simply takes too much time, you can take the SEO shortcut using a network of existing higher-ranking blogs that relate to your niche.

With the private blog network strategy, increasing your blog traffic ten times within 3 months is very common. Just buy powerful expired domains that are super relevant to your blog, publish content on them, and link back to your blog posts.

Focus on relevancy, quality, as well as quantity; the more relevant websites link back to your blog, the better.

And, more importantly, make sure that the blog posts that you publish on each of the blog in your private network actually provide value to readers. Do not skip on quality and value; search engines love white hat SEO.

You don’t need to write all the blog posts yourself, get expert freelance writers to write them for you.

Use 301 redirects

This is simple. All you need to do is buy the expired domains and redirect them to your blog.

This will pass both the backlink juice and the traffic from the expired domains to your blog. If you find a number of super relevant expired domains with higher google ranking, you can expect to receive instant traffic boost to your blog or to a product page that you are promoting.

However, please note that this strategy is only useful if you want a boost in traffic; it is not a viable link building strategy for SEO.

If you want to use them for link building and SEO; set up the expired domains as separate blogs, publish relevant content on them, and add backlinks that point to your blog.

Let’s get started. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

Find powerful expired domains Using the best tool

The best tool for finding powerful expired domains is Domain Hunter Gatherer.

Here is how this great tool works.

  1. You enter the keywords relating to your niche and click search.
  2. The tool finds the expired domains that are relevant those keywords;
  3. And, you use the filter options to filter the list of results and select the expired domains with highest authority and most amount traffic.

Here are other great assets you can find using Domain Hunter Gatherer.

  • Expired domain names that have backlinks on top websites like,,,,,, etc. If Wikipedia can link to a site, that means that site is likely to have higher authority.
  • Expired domains that link to your competitors. If your competitors are ranking higher because they get juicy backlinks from a set of expired domains, you can improve your blog ranking as well if you point backlinks from those same expired domains to your blog.
  • Great domains being auctioned on top domains and websites auction marketplaces. See all the domains currently being auctioned on the web and pull those that interest you the most.
  • Relevant expired web 2.0 domains from top web 2.0 platforms.

The greater advantage of using Domain Hunter Gatherer is that you don’t need any additional third-party services in order to gather important metrics for expired domains. Domain Hunter Gatherer brings you metrics from tools like Moz and Majestic right into the interface.

Another very useful feature is the ability to rebuild an entire expired website in just a few steps. Using data from web archives platforms, you can bring back a website that was on the expired domain that you just acquire.

With old website back again, you can just look for the relevant blog posts and articles and add links pointing back to your blog.

Here is how to use Domain Hunter Gatherer to find higher authority expired domains. The steps are straight-forward.

Of course, the higher the traffic, the better. But, if you find a relevant expired domain that pulls even 1,000 visitors per month, buy it straight away. If you delay, it may take less than 24 hours for someone else to grab it. People hunt for expired domains every day.

There is still great value in that amount of targeted traffic. You just need to figure out later how to monetize that traffic. Besides, this is like buying 1,000 targeted visitors for $8 or $12 (the standard fee for registering a new domain).

Click here to download and install Domain Hunter Gatherer. Ignore the Free and Premium version, get the Professional version.

Open the app. First, click on Setup and Help.

Some websites and search engines put a limit to the number of requests you can send to their servers, especially websites with local TLDs like “”, “”, “.de”, etc.

To remove this limit, you need to use proxies, which allow Domain Hunter Gatherer to rotate IP addresses when crawling the web.

The more proxies you use, the bigger the list of expired domains you will get.

However, you need proxies only if you want to get a much bigger list of available expired domains, if you just want a small list from which you can chose 3 to 10 expired domains, you don’t need proxies.

Especially when you are just getting started with Domain Hunter Gatherer, you don’t need proxies. You may need them when you become a heavy user later.

To get proxies, take advantage of the these discounts and coupons.

If you already have proxies, add them in the Primary Proxies field. Ignore all the other settings; you don’t need to change any of them; all of them are already optimal by default.

If you don’t need proxies, skip this step.

After you enter your proxies, click Apply and Save Settings.

To start the search, click Expired Domain Hunter.

Click on Hunt Expired Domains from Keywords.

In the Search Keyword field, enter the keywords that relates to your niche. If you enter multiple keywords, separate them with commas, no space. You will get only expired domains that are relevant to your niche, for example, weight loss, soccer training, carpet cleaning, etc.

After you have entered the keyword(s), click Search.

Domain Hunter Gatherer will go to work. You will see the work in progress. The duration of the search will depend on the volume of domains that you want to obtain.

When the search is done, you will see the result numbers, which will tell you the number of unique web pages crawled, the number of unique expired domains found, and the number of expired domains that are available for purchase.

Once the search is done, you will see the list of expired domains that you can purchase right away.

To find the best domains to buy, click on Analyze Domains to start the filtering of the results.

Click on Start Analysis, Domain Hunter Gatherer will start pulling all the useful stats and metrics for the domains.

You will metrics like PR, Age, Facebook Shares, and others start appearing.

Once all the metrics have fully populated, click on Filter Domains to start bringing to the top the domains with the best metrics.

Click on Add Filter Option.

You will see the Add Filter form.

Click on Filter Type to see the dropdown list of attributes, stats, and metrics.

For example, select Min PR (minimum page rank).

Enter the value for Min PR and click Add.

For example, if you enter the value of zero, the list will be filtered to display only domains that have a PR of zero and above. The value of -1 means that a domain has no page rank at all.

You will see the list of domains that have Page Rank values of zero, one, two, and above.

You can add as many Filter Types as you need and combine them to bring up the best domains from the list.

For example, in addition Min PR, you can add Max Char Length (maximum character length), Min Age (minimum age), TLD (.com, .net, .org, …). Etc.

All the filters that you add will be listed in the box next to the Add Filter Option button. You can remove added filters or clear all of them at once.

To remove a filter, right-click on it and select Remove Selected Filter(s).

To remove all the filters at once, click on Clear Filters.

Take time to look at the Filter Types and see how you can combine them to find the best expired domains.

The steps above are just to show you how to get started. Using other features of the tool is quite self-explanatory. Once you put these basic steps into action, you will get a big picture of how the rest of the features work.

Find and buy a high authority expired domain for cheap

Please bear in mind that in order to get high authority expired domains with traffic, you need to take action quickly.

There are many people who search for these domains daily, if you find a good domain and delay even for 3 hours, someone else will grab it. You may find a great domain, go to work and find that it has already been taken by the time you come back from work.

You need to act fast. $10 is nothing compared to the continual profits you may get from a domain that is already getting targeted traffic.

Here are the action steps that you need to follow.

Get Domain Hunter Gatherer, the Professional version.

Domain Hunter Gatherer is a desktop app; you can do the domain search and let it crawl the web while you go away do something else in the meantime. Download it here.

Get some semi-dedicated proxies

If you want to pull a bigger list of expired domains, get proxies.

We prefer You don’t need fully dedicated proxies; semi-dedicates ones will do just fine. And they are very affordable.

You can buy 10 Semi-dedicated proxies; they are enough to get you started.

Use the filters to pull the best domain from the list of results

Follow the steps as outlined above in this tutorial. Focus on the essential metrics such as page rank, minimum age, TLD, and traffic.

You may need to export the list and save it on your desktop so that you can analyze it in a spreadsheet if you wish.

Select and buy your first high authority expired domain

The metrics for the domain that you buy will depend on your need. Bear in mind that even a domain that has a PR:1 and Age: 2 can be useful and profitable, whether you want to start a blog, build a private blog network for link building, or simply add 301 redirects pointing to your existing blog.

Don’t worry so much about TLDs; if you find a “.com” domain, great, grab it. If not, other relevant TLDs will do just fine. The most important metrics are niche relevancy, domain age, and page rank.

You are going to need hosting anyway; instead of buying a domain on its own, it is much cheaper to buy a hosting package and get the domain for free. Once you select the best domain from the list, get it for free when you buy a hosting package at We recommend because it is newbie-friendly and great for bulk-hosting.

Explore Domain Hunter Gatherer additional features and capabilities

After you have bought your first high authority expired domain, the next day, take the time to explore Domain Hunter Gatherer gradually, step-by-step.

First, go to and look at the key features.

Second, watch these video guides to see the tool in action.

And third, open Domain Hunter Gatherer and play around to familiarize yourself with the features. You will discover even more ways to use the tool.

Take the time to explore this really useful tool and discover additional ways to get the most value out of it. With time, you will find it easier to dig out highly valuable, higher authority expired domains with higher traffic.

To find out more and get started, go to

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