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Personal Information

Personal information is any information that may identify you as an individual. This includes, but not limited to, names, email address, phone number, residential address, etc.


Some areas of our website may require that a user enter their username and password.

We use online forms to request information from our users. We use this information to provide services to our website users.


A cookie is a small text that is used to collect information about user experience on our website. We use this information to improve user experience. If you prefer otherwise, you may use your browser to block cookies.

Data collection and storage

Whenever a user requests a service from us, we collect and store information such as name, email address, and phone number. We use this information to communicate and provide service to our users. We will never sell or rent your business or personal information to any third party.

At any time, you may contact us to request that your information be changed or removed.

We will always take all practical steps to ensure that such information is held in a safely.

Policy Change

To stay in accordance with legislative requirements, we may change our privacy policy at any time without notice. We will always follow any recommended best practices.

This policy was last updated on February, 2021.

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