Faster Way to Find A Great Domain Name for Your Blog (2022) – Get 1,000 domain ideas

If you are ready to register a domain name and launch your blog, this tutorial is for you.

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Many people waste a lot of time when trying to find a domain name, time they could rather use productively.

The mistake people make is trying to find a “.com” domain at any cost. There is no logical reason why you need to spend hours or thousands of dollars in this pursuit, most likely, you might end up with a domain name that is simply not worth the time and the money investment.

If you find a good “.com” domain name, great, grab it; if not, it’s okay, just go ahead and register a domain name with alternative TLDs (Top Level Domain) like “.co”, “.net”, “.org”, “.io”, “.blog”, “.site “, “.me”, etc.

Sure, the “.com” TLD is the most preferable due to its popularity and trust level. But the advantage is no longer great enough to make a substantial difference; other TLDs are catching up in terms of popularity and trust.

In this tutorial, we mention 9 alternative TLDs that are almost equally good.

And we show you how to find the best domain name for your blog.

Let’s get started.

Understand the 5 attributes of a good domain name

Make sure that the domain that you select has the following 4 attributes.

Short and broad

The fewer the number of letters it contains, the better; and make sure that the niche keyword is broader so that you can be able to expand the topics that your blog covers without the risk of ending up with content that sounds irrelevant to your blog.

Spellable and memorable

Use simple words to make it easier for people to recommend your blog through the word-of-mouth; and chose words that people can remember.

Relevant and keyword-rich

Whenever possible, use one or two keywords in your domain name; this is good for memorability and for search engines.

Popular and trusted

Stick with TLDs that are popular and trusted, for example, “.com”, “.co”, “.net”, “.org”, “.io”, “. blog”, “. site “, “.me”, “.name”, “. space”, etc. and avoid spams-ridden TLDs like: “.gdn”, “.work”, “.tokyo”, “.shop”, “.ooo”, “.science”, “.stream”, “.men”, “.party”, “.top”, etc.

The 1k-ideas template provided in this tutorial helps you get only high-quality domain names that have the four attributes above.

Write down the 2 words that make up your niche keyword

In this tutorial, we use “bread baking” as a niche keyword example. And the words that make up this keyword are “bread” and “baking”.

Your keyword for the niche that you have chosen may be made up of 3 or more words, just write down the two most important words; ignore the rest.

For example, if your niche keyword is “weight loss for women”, leave out “for women”; only use “weight” and “loss”.

Download the 1k-ideas template and have a look at the layout

We help people set up their blogs and websites, faster. And we have helped a lot of our clients find the best available domain names. To save time and get the best results every time, we have developed a simple workflow system.

Part of this system is the use of this 1k-ideas template; it helps you generate more than one thousand domain ideas you can chose from.

Download the 1k-ideas template here; it is a Microsoft Word document that also comes as an HTML document. Save it to your inbox for future use.

Once you have the template downloaded, open it and have look around to get an idea of how it is laid out.

Notice that we used the placeholder words “bread” and “baking”; you will simply need to replace these words with your niche keywords.

To provide additional great domain name ideas, we have combined the one-word keywords with the 50 most commonly used English words. These words are short and generic, which means, they will not alter what your niche keyword means. Also, these generic words are very memorable; they are easier to remember because people use them every day.

All the domain ideas in the template are limited to the 10 most trusted TLDs. This ensures that you only get a list of top-quality domain name ideas.

Once you have a clear idea of how the template works, move to the next step.

Replace the two placeholder words with the two words from your niche keyword

Open the template. Replace the word “bread” with your first chosen word and replace the word “baking” with your second chosen word.

Instead of doing it manually, use the Microsoft Word “Replace” feature to do all the replacements with just two clicks.

Follow these steps:

Open the template document.

find domain name 1k ideas template

Under “home” menu, click on “replace”

The “Find and Replace” window will open.

find domain name Find and Replace

Replace the placeholder words with words from your niche keyword

In the “Find What” field, type the word “bread”, and in the “Replace with” field, type your first niche keyword. And click the button “Replace All”. You will notice that all instances of the word “bread” are instantly replaced. Repeat the same process to replace the word “baking” with your second keyword.

find domain name replace all

Once you replace all the placeholder words, “bread”, and “baking”, move to the next step to bulk search the availability of all the resulting domain name ideas.

Select the best domain name from the resulting list of domain ideas

After you replacing the two placeholder words with your two niche main keywords, copy the resulting list of domain name options and go to to check which of the options are available.

Go to, from the menu, click “Domains”.

find domain name

Next to the domain search field, click “Beast Mode”. A domain search page will open.

find domain name beast mode

Disable “Show Premiums” but enable “Hide Unavailable”. This way, the search results will only show domain names that are available.

find domain name available domain names

Go back to the template, copy all the domain name ideas, come back to and paste them into the domain search field. You can bulk search up to 5,000 domain name ideas at once.

find domain name 5000 domain name ideas

Click “Generate”. You will see the list of hundreds of available domain names ready to be purchased.

find domain name select the best domain name

Go through the list and select the domain name that seems the best for your blog.

find domain name get domain name for free

Once you select the domain name that you want, now go to: to buy a basic blog hosting package that comes with free domain registration.

Register your domain name immediately, for free

Go to: to get a hosting package and register your domain name for free.

From the menu, hover over “Hosting” to see the drop-down menu, select “WordPress Hosting”.

Select the “WP Starter” package, which will be enough for your blog since you are just getting started. You can always upgrade to the “WP Essential” package once you have at least 10 blog posts published on your blog.

Using this domain search strategy, you will have more than enough available domain names to chose from. There is no need to delay and waste time; take action now, get the hosting package, register your domain name for free, and launch your blog.

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To your success!

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